My Amazing Limericks


Limerick writing went really well it was very fun and funny.  Most of it went well, we got to think of funny verses and we also got to write poems in different peoples point of view. Some stuff did not go well though, like some people looked up Limericks from the internet and pretended it was their own. That had Copy Right law on it so that could have serious consequences. Other wise it went well.



There once was a big blue cat

it sat and stared at a hat

the hat was true

the cat was blue

the cat ate the hat:D:D:D:D:D


There once was big black dog

it sat and stared at a frog

the frog was blue

the dog was true

the dog at the frog:D:D:D:D


There once was a big blue lion

it sat and stared at Brian

Brian grew scared

The lion grew dared

The lion ate brian

and that is the end of Brian:D:D:D:D


There once was a cat and a dog

they fell from the big blue fog

they filled the streets

they ate the treats

the came down hard from the fog :D:D:D:D



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    Nice job!


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